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Teething Necklaces

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There are several types of teething necklace and one of it is not even designed to be chewed by the baby. One type of the necklaces is made to be worn by the baby while the other is for the parents.

Amber Teething Necklaces

The use of amber teething necklaces has become popular across the globe in recent years. The necklace is made of amber, which is a fossilized plant resin that is polished and turned into beads. The beads form a lightweight necklace. Amber has been used for ages as a natural pain relief remedy, bolster the immune system and improve the healing process.

Amber teething necklaces are used by children from three months to two years of age. This is the usual teething phase of infants. It is better to start them young and make them used to wear the necklace so that way they will not try to pull it off or chew on it.

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Most teething necklaces are made of the gemstone 'Amber' did you know that Amber mostly comes from a tree and is a sticky substance, and the name amber originates from the color, yes it is that simple.

But why are Amber teething necklaces so popular, well its said Amber has incredible healing powers that have been passed on through generations, but why does it work for a teething baby?

Amber is said to have anti inflamatory properties and as Amber is a natural earth element it contains none of the toxins and chemicals that traditional anti inflamatory drugs do contain.

So, the benefits and great postives of an Amber teething necklaces are that its mild soothing anti inflamatory properties are ideal for the teething sore gums of a baby.

Do they work? well studys have found and parents across the globe have experienced excellent soothing results when used on teething baby's, however each baby is different so what may work for one may not work for the other, but the evidence proves that Amber is great for teething pains and when added to a necklace you have a great combination for mom and baby.

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