Teething Advice For Parents

Teething Advice for Parents

As a new or experienced parent teething may well be the stage you most dread.

But why do we dread it?

Teething baby's can put alot of stress on the parents, especially new parents, becuase suddenly after months of joys and a smiley baby, suddenly it all changes, baby begins to become irritable, bay starts to look grumpy and then baby starts crying and baby cries and baby cries, and you think whats wrong, is my baby sick?

The goods news is,  usually is that your poor baby has very sore tender little gums, and most probably this is the first time he/she has felt pain, little baby teeth are trying to push through.

Dont be ashamed to feel stressed or miserable yourself, because the teething stage can be extremely frustrating for parents, afterall you are already exhausted from having a new baby and adding this on top will sometimes put you at your wits end....STOP! help yourself and baby by getting some releif for the sore gums.

There are many methods you can try to ease the pain, but make sure what you do is safe.

Teethers, a great invention and a god send for parents, there are so many on the market because they work, but only if you get the right one for your baby.

Some baby's enjoy teethers with a massaging action some just like a plain block of wood they can gnaw on.

Whichever one you choose make sure its been tested and approved.

Once you have the right teether you will be amazed and releived that your new baby is now getting some much needed releif to his/her sore gums, and you can relax and may be try and get some rest.

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