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We a have selection of the highly desirable Stokke Crusi Strollers in various colors, These Baby strollers have gained wordwide popularity due to there ease of use, the incredible styling and fantastic comfort.

Manufactured to the very highest standards the Stokke Crusi Strollers are adjustable and able to be easily used in different situations.

The look and feel of the Stokke Crusi stroller range has left Moms drooling and begging to have one and are high on pregnant Moms wish list.

The ride and movement of the Crusi is smooth and handles like an Italian sports car, your Baby will not want to get out of the Crusi and you will enjoy showing off such a beautiful piece of equipment. If you are looking for something that will last and will be a joy for you and baby to use then you really need to invest in the fantastic Stokke Crusi Stroller today.

Sorry, we currently have no available products here.

Lets run though some specs of the Stokke Crusi range and and then you can decide wheather purchasing a Stokke crusi is the right choice for you

The Great thing about Stokke Crusi strollers is that the design is state of the art and engineered with parents in mind. Multi-use and convertibility make it the most adaptable stroller on the market.

Stokke have met all the safety requirements and surpassed them with imagination and focus on child and parent

Safety Features include:
• Swivel Wheels that are lockable
• Rear wheel brakes that are linked
• Amazing supspension for a super smooth ride
• Wheels that are puncture resistant
• Accents that are reflective
• A Safet harness that has a 5 point configuration

The Stokke Crusi Range also feature a multi use which is something Stokke have spent much time on perfecting

Multi Use Features include:
• The Seat is able to take a weight of upto 15kg
• You can change the seat to forward or rear facing
• The Seat has 5 great positions which are easily adjustable from laying down to fully upright
• The Stokke great thing is that you can have a sibling seat...this is absolutley brilliant
• 15kg for single and 30kg for the duo option

What else do parents love about the Stokke Crusi range? well its the ultimate comfort and convenience that you and baby enjoy

Comfort & Convenience Features Include
• The Seat has been engineered and designed with maximum comfort in mind...basically it is a masterpiece, baby will love it
• Footrest is height adjustable
• Textiles are of the highest quality...feel them and you will say Oh Yes.
• Cargo Basket is a good size and big enough for your shopping
• The handle can be height adjusted
• Folding is a joy, easy to do from seating position

We have to admit the Stokke Crusi is not the cheapest option on the stroller market, but here you are paying for something that has not only been made to last, its been made for you, providing style, safety, comfort , ease of use , reliability and so much more, if the Stokke Crusi range is something you have been thinking about getting for a while then we urge you to go and try one out and rest assured you will not want t look at any other type of stroller because the Stokke Crusi is a masterpiece of baby comfort and Mommy satisfaction available to purchase today.

Ok so now lets be honest, here at justbabyteethers.com we get the chance to recommend alot of baby products and we have looked at many many strollers and prams push chairs, but we chose the Stokke Crusi range because it met every needs of being a parent of baby, expensive yes, but dont give up safety and and all the well made features of the Stokke Crusi for something that is going to break and cause distress to you and your baby, No, the Stokke Crusi is something that is worth investing in for the enjoyment and joy it will bring you and your baby.

The Stokke Crusi is a premium product that delivers in every way possible.

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