Best baby teething medication

Best baby teething medication

Having a child is a wonderful thing, that will surely make you cherish your life a lot more. Unfortunately, having a child does involve a large number of responsibilities, and you must also be near him quite a lot, especially when he or she is younger.


One of the most usual problems that a parent faces when it comes to small kids is surely teething pain. Teething is the process in which the first teeth appear, and it can be quite painful for a kid. There are a few ways you can help the kid ease the pains, either by using natural remedies or special medication.

There are quite a few natural remedies out there, such as the plush chew toys, cold fruit and vegetables, wooden teething toys, clove-oil for painful gums, frozen washcloths and many others. You can use these without any problem. But the best thing you can do when encountering these issues is simply use medicine that was specifically created to help your baby.

First of all, we will talk about a medicine that can be placed on the gums, named benzocaine. This is used to relieve pain from minor mouth problems and it is used as local anesthetic. This shouldn't be used more than 4 times a day as it is very powerful and can cause a lot of side effects. Some of these are slight burning, tingling, stinging, among others. Another notable thing is that you must avoid getting this medication in the eyes, as it can cause temporary and even permanent damage.

If you want, you can also use some medicines that are taken by mouth in order to reduce the pain. These are Ibuprofen or Tylenol, and are a common find in the US pharmacies. You should be aware that they can't be used on kids that have less than 6 months. What you do need to be careful about is to avoid any child product that contains aspirin, as that can be quite damaging, especially in higher dosage.

As we said earlier, it's really important to give your kid a lot of attention in this particular period, and use the natural remedies when it comes to teething pain reliefs. Of course, medication also has its purpose, and most of the time will help, but before taking into account any type of medication you should get your kid to the doctors and see if they agree with the kid taking it. It might trigger some undesired side effects, so you must be sure before you make that decision

All in all, teething pains are quite a bad problem for a small kid, but thankfully you are at his side the whole process. Be it medication or natural remedies, there are numerous ways one can ease the pain with, the only thing that remains is to analyze the ups and downs, then make a decision on what it's best for your kid.

This information is only meant as a guide, you should always take advice from your medical practioner before using any medication.


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