Benefits of a Baby Teether

The Benefits of a Baby teether

A few months after when baby is born, teething symptoms occurs naturally. It occurs when tooth is breaking through baby’s skin. It is the main cause of fussiness in babies and it’s quite common nowadays. It affects infants who are between 4 months and 2 years of ages. It causes soreness in mouth and causes pain to unsettle the babies when they teethe. This would be a frustrating time for all the parents while the babies aching in severe tooth pain.



While in the developmental stage becomes more of a liability when the baby is not experiencing any destruction around them. This pain will become more and more noticeable when the surrounding becomes calmer, as a result lot of crying from the pain the baby feels from gums. Restlessness occurs for a baby resulting in loss of sleep during this time, which is carried forward to the next day. And, during this time babies gums will become red, shiny and swollen. All can witness the baby’s gums when it is touched with finger, one can feel the hard point of the tooth underneath.



It is at this stage of babies would try to put things into their mouth. Babies feel it comforting to do so. All babies love to chew on things, especially when teething, Blankies, edges of baby books and of course fingers are an easy target to chew on. Most often, this period of time all parents would be seriously watching over babies, of what is put into mouth very often by babies. So researchers found a solution for their chewing habits at this stage of a baby.

Teethers are designed and developed to make it softer and easier for babies to grip and put them in the baby’s mouth. It’s very silky and soothing for baby’s mouth to chew on something hard that provides required protection like a teether. So when tender gums will feel better when a little pressure is applied on, to make babies feel comfort by chewing it all day long.


These Teethers are generally made of rubber, plastic or wood and come in quite catchy shapes, colors and sizes. Many parents prefer using teethers which can be made chill in the fridge and also provide a soothing coolness to baby’s gums. So the chillness will be an added advantage for babies to feel less pain while chewing it, care should be taken to see whether if it’s not freezes too much, else it can hurt baby’s soft and delicate gums. Put some extra sense while choosing a teether to which babies would find it easy to put into mouth and be in some comfort time while chewing it.



A better teether will suit more a baby’s use for quite long time. Generally, parents don’t want it which is too big or too small to chew for a baby. Many varieties are found recent days which are in the shape of toy animals and much more has gained people appreciation as well. It is important thing to keep in mind while choosing a teether is to verify that it is safe for baby to put into the mouth. So, choose only phthalate and BPA free teethers for babies which will be free from toxic painted on the teethers. Try safe teethers for babies.

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